Thursday, December 1, 2011

Review: Kan Mi Youn (feat. MBLAQ’s Mir)–“Going Crazy”

Kan Mi Youn takes obsessive fangirling to the next level by kidnapping MBLAQ’s Joon.

Did you like the song?
Today by request is Kan Miyoun’s “Going Crazy.” Her recent music videos, including “Paparazzi” and “Won’t Meet You,” all have the same theme of insanity and obsession that’s presented in light and amusing ways.

“Going Crazy” is a fast-paced song with a nice chorus, just as I’d expect from Miyoun. And it even features MBLAQ’s Mir rapping! However, although I like both those sections separately, I’m not sure they fit together seamlessly. Also, I would have liked the song to have a big crescendo to a climactic moment, but it basically stays level the whole time.

Kan Mi Youn Going Crazy stills

Kan Miyoun

What was your favorite part of the song?
I love Mir’s rap. But my favorite part is probably the the end of the chorus.

Does the English make you want to rip your eardrums out?
The only English is in Mir’s rap with the words “pain,” “lame,” and—strangely—“Annie” in the line (translated) “You’re Misery’s Annie in the movie / Because you strangle my throat.” So it turns out that Mir is talking about the character of Annie Wilkes from Steven King’s novel Misery, which was adapted into a film starring Kathy Bates and James Caan.

Misery movie poster

Misery movie poster.

Well, the plot of Misery essentially echoes the theme of this music video: dangerous fangirl obsession in a disturbed mind leading to kidnapping and torture. Epik High’s music video “Fan” also explores this topic as a kind of tribute to Misery—and Miyoun’s video shares lots of icons from that music video, like the TVs, how she ties him to a bed, and how she makes his clothes. I recommend watching that one if you’re interested in this theme, so I’ll just embed it here:

Did you like the video?
Every fangirl’s been there—you’re watching your favorite idol and fantasizing about what life would be like if they adored you and lived with you and wanted to marry you. Well, Miyoun takes this to its logical conclusion, with one important issue: the object of her fantasies doesn’t want to be with her in reality.

In many ways, this video is a warning to extreme, obsessive fangirls, ones who might literally be on the edge of sanity and considering doing something dangerous in the name of loving their idols (this kind of stuff, hand-in-hand with psychotic anti-fans, is apparently endemic to the Kpop world, in which fanclubs can function like cults). But Miyoun warns that even if you were to get your idol alone in a room and force them to marry you, you would still be unhappy because it wouldn’t be real love. Interesting stuff.

Kan Mi Youn MBLAQ Mir Going Crazy TV

Stalker TV!

Was there a storyline? If so, did it make sense?
As I mentioned earlier, the video is basically a light, easily digestible introduction to the themes in Misery. Miyoun has MBLAQ’s Joon tied to her bed, tied to a pillar, sitting in a chair, standing in the closet, etc., like a life-sized Ken doll.

Kan Mi Youn Going Crazy MBLAQ Joon tied to a bed

A fangirl’s dream come true.

She keeps him well-fed while sewing her wedding dress and his wedding tuxedo and fantasizing about their happy life together. Then finally they have a marriage ceremony—talk about a shotgun marriage!—and she goes in to kiss him, but…

Kan Mi Youn MBLAQ Joon Going Crazy kiss gif


Miyoun is saddened by this rejection and puts him back in the closet…where it is revealed she has another, less attractive, guy waiting.

But the thing is…Joon has unbound legs and is big and strong. Miyoun is a tiny girl in high heels. How did she transfer Joon from one piece of furniture to another without him overpowering her? Moreover, why on earth doesn’t he just run away? In Misery the psychotic kidnapper has to drug and cripple her captive to get him to stay. How is Miyoun running this show when she has two guys to subdue?

Kan Mi Youn Going Crazy MBLAQ Joon closet

Why are you guys just standing there?!

Was the dance cool and distinctive?
Yup, I love Miyoun’s dances. She has great control, and the dances are definitely restrained, but they have distinctive moves. I like how the main move has Miyoun holding a hand to her head to show her craziness.

Kan Mi Youn Going Crazy dance

The “oh, my head” dance.

Do the members look good?
Miyoun looks convincingly disturbed while still childlike, and Mir and Joon are smoking hot. I have no problem believing that someone would want them tied up in a closet.

Kan Mi Youn Going Crazy MBLAQ Mir

MBLAQ’s maknae rapper, Mir!

Which member stood out the most?
Although it’s Miyoun’s video, I’m afraid I have to give this to Mir, since he stood out a ton in his cameo—and he and Miyoun had great chemistry together. I love how they’re almost making out during his rap. They both look almost like androgynous versions of each other.

Kan Mi Youn MBLAQ Mir Going Crazy

Mir and Miyoun.

Do you like it enough to buy the song?
I definitely liked the song, but no, not enough to buy it.

Any ending thoughts?
Mir and Joon are my favorite members of MBLAQ, so it was nice to see them in a non-MBLAQ music video together.

Boyfriend’s one-liner:
“Note to self: wait until after Stockholm Syndrome sets in before trying to marry prisoner.”

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  1. A review of one of my favorite songs! I actually think the rap and Miyoun's sections flowed well together; at least they went together better than Eric's rap in "Paparazzi." 

  2. I'm just impressed that not one but TWO MBLAQ guys collaborated with her on the song! :) I preferred "Won't Meet You," though. That is sooo catchy. 

  3. Comparison to Fan wasn't too complimentary for the MBLAQ guys :/ Don't take me wrong, I love them to bits and pieces but Mir is a faux rapper when Tablo is a real one, and a decent poet besides. Also, Fan is one of their masterpieces.

    But I sort of liked this song, with all its repetitiveness. I mean, every fangirl worth anything wants to see Lee Joon tied to a bed. Or a post. Or anything. And suffer prettily. Which he does.

    The vid is rather ridiculous. I mean, ok, not to escape those flimsy bonds, Joonie has to be a pabo to the degree... he, well, probably is :)

  4. And nearly every fangirl was probably green with envy, haha. And yeah, "Won't Meet You" is definitely very catchy! It took me listening to it about three or four times, but after that I was hooked and just couldn't stop. That chorus just sticks with you.

  5. Totally. And the dance moves are cool too. The only part I don't like is the dubstep, but oh well.

    And nearly every fangirl was probably green with envy, haha.
    Kan Mi Youn seems to have that effect on fangirls, I'm noticing...I have the feeling she is a huge fangirl herself, lol. :)

  6. I'm with you, I liked both songs. I think Mir has a great base and can only improve, too. I love how I keep unintentionally being exposed to more of Epik High's music. They have SO much excellent content out there, it's just mind-boggling.

    I mean, every fangirl worth anything wants to see Lee Joon tied to a bed. Or a post. Or anything. And suffer prettily. Which he does.

    HEARTS ALL OVER THIS COMMENT. Totally yes. Haha, I don't know much about Joon's personality other than the fact that he likes showing off his abs and looks amazing while doing it. Is he really silly?

  7. Well, in the shows where I've seen him he didn't strike me as very bright. Quite the opposite actually. And afraid I'm not alone in such a perception of him.

    In Oh My School they used to tell him at the very beginning, "Joon, don't run!" because he started to run for the mike without a single idea what song he was guessing. In Sesame Street, they called him "muscle pabo" and in one scene, when Seungho asked a riddle, something about 90 minutes vs 1.5 hours and Joon couldn't asnwer, he had to climb some high place in the children's playground where they were at the time and shout "I'm an idiot". Some fangirls that were nearby answered, "We know." It was pretty funny.

    He's still my favourite in MBLAQ. I even named my iPod after him.

  8. Oh poor Joon! I think it's kind of sweet, actually. I like seeing idols be made fun of or miss out on jokes; it's often really funny.

    You named your iPod after him! So cute! I need to start naming my stuff, too. I think of my mp3 player and laptop like people, haha. I tend to think of them as girls, though...