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Get to Know Kpop Band Members

  • The Abracadabras—idol profiles for almost every group. Indispensable to me in learning names!
  • Kishimotoerika—a "Kpop 101" site with awesome who's who screencaps of lots of music videos. So helpful, I can't even tell you.
  • Kpop-U-Luv—photos and photoshoots galore! A treasure trove of pretty pictures, and also useful for learning members’ names.
  • Color-Coded Lyrics—very helpful in learning who sings what.
  • Kpop Lists—among other lists, there is collection of pimp posts made by fans to promote groups. Pimp posts are fun to look through even if you know the group, and a great introduction if you don't!
  • My Albums—this is a shameless plug for my Facebook albums that help me learn the names of Kpop group members. I made them public so that others could learn along with me. I’d really like to know other sites like this, if you know of any. :)


  • Love Kpop Subs—an invaluable resource with excellent, easy to follow subtitles (Hangul, Romanization, and English) of most of the new music videos.
  • Nunas Know Best—entertaining blog discussing bands with fun pictures and gifs.
  • American Kpop Fans—what it says on the tin; now you know you’re not alone in your “weird” love for Kpop! :)
  • Painless J’s K-pop Tag—she has a knack for finding new or obscure Kpop songs and describing what makes them so great. (She also reviews K-dramas!)
  • The Grand Narrative—a blog about Korean sociology through popular culture. Extremely well written and researched, it focuses a lot on gender issues, which I enjoy.
  • Angry K-pop Fan—an interesting tumblr that looks into some of the the not-so-pretty bits of Kpop. But it's maintained by a fan, so it's not bashing, just delving deeper.

Video Reviews

  • Eat Your Kimchi—humorous and informative video blogs made by a Canadian couple (Simon and Martina) living in Korea.
  • Kpop Wrap Up—A video review of Kpop songs that came out that week, complete with ratings, by two American sisters (Brynn and Ellery).

News Sites

  • Allkpop—very comprehensive, often overwhelming news site for Korean artists. I like their Mixtape posts.
  • Billboard K-Pop Hot 100—Billboard’s new Kpop chart. Very useful as it has links to purchase individual songs in iTunes.
  • Koreaboo—news site that I find easier to follow than Allkpop.
  • MTVK—MTV for Korea! We owe them thanks for a lot of programs with our idols.
  • Omona They Didn't—another news site that updates frequently, but this one has a definite sarcastic bent. Some of the most funny lines are in the comments.
  • SeoulBeats—an easy-to-follow Korean culture blog with *gasp* actual opinions.


Companies or "Families"

  • Big 3 (or 4) Companies—Interesting article that explains what SM, YG, JYP, and Cube Entertainment have planned for 2012. But it's useful if you're confused as to which group is with which entertainment company.
  • Which Companies, Which Groups?—a simple list from Kishimotoerika including most groups.
  • Meet the Movers and Shakers of Kpop—Another good article explaining who the big composers and producers behind your favorite tracks are (i.e. Brave Brothers, Shinsadong Tiger, etc.).

Youtube Videos

  • DJ Masa Mixes—Youtube channel for one of the best Kpop music video remixers I’ve ever seen. Remixes not only the songs but the videos. My favorite is KPOP Till The World Ends, one of the newer ones.
  • RjeeMashUp—some really excellent Kpop mash-ups. They sound like their own new and lovely songs. Also check out the Facebook page!
  • Ayominho—Youtube channel for some of the best subtitled parodies I've watched. (You know, where the subtitles are deliberately incorrect and totally hysterical for those who aren't fluent in Korean.)
  • Miss Piano Guru—entertaining piano covers of Kpop songs. She's really good!
  • 8-Bit Kpop Songs Video—originally uploaded by user Danjyon Kimura (who has made other 8-bit videos), this cute animation puts some of the most popular Kpop songs into a cute tinny 8-bit style (bite-sized!). The video also gives a subtle commentary about some groups and members, so see if you can catch it. 
  • DJ Yigytugd—yay, more Kpop mashups, often with Western pop. While not as impressive as DJ Masa, these mashups are still lots of fun!

Learning Korean

Style, Clothing, and Merchandise

  •—pretty cheap merchandise! (Not sure about the shipping, though.) In short: I want a calendar a keychain ALL THE THINGS.
  • Idolized Tees—they have really fun Kpop t-shirts, like those spectacular English phrases I like to make fun of. (Also on Tumblr.)
  • YESSTYLE—an "Asian Fashion" site that appears to cater nicely to international fans, with an English version of their site. Their stuff seems really expensive to me, but for the fan with money, this would be awesome.

Other Fun

  • TV Tropes—Okay, I had no idea about this recently, but it's true. Many Kpop bands have TV Tropes pages (here's SNSD, for example. Just search in the box at the top), and they are so useful in learning the background of groups in an amusing way.
  • Forxreal—a mysterious series of “thoughts, rants, gushing, gossip, hints, clues, and warnings” about Kpop from an anonymous person who “currently work[s] in the industry.” Regardless of whether or not you believe him/her, it’s fun to speculate on the clues and descriptions. Warning: this blog does not generally present a very rosy picture of the Kpop industry.
  • KPop Secrets—it’s interesting to see some honest feelings about various Kpop bands here.
  • Kpop Macros Tumblr—amusing macros of Kpop idols. Beware: they are often lewd or vulgar.
  • Asian Junkie—an "alternate" (a.k.a. often bashing) viewpoint on Korean entertainment. Often amusing, occasionally vulgar.
  • The Vigilant Citizen—there are two articles here that are basically conspiracy theories about the content of Kpop music videos. Whether or not you buy the arguments, they amount to excellent reviews of the music videos. The one about Narsha's "Ppirippappa" and SHINee's "Lucifer" is here, and the one about the Brown Eyed Girls' "Sixth Sense" is here.

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