Hi, and welcome to the blog! Here’s an FAQ section:

Who are you?
I’m a relatively new Korean pop music fan in America. My fiancé, Turkey, knows zero about Kpop but wanted to help with the blog, so he gets his one liner in the review. :)

How often will you update this blog?
As often as I can!

This is me, Liana.

Why did you make this blog?
Since I already squee about new music videos with my friends online and in person whenever they come out, I thought I would start this blog so I could examine what I liked or didn’t like about them in more depth and share it with others who are interested in a Western perspective. I also wanted one place to put everything!

How did you get into Kpop?
I really owe my friend who's now in Korea the credit for introducing me to Kpop. The first Kpop music video she ever showed to me was Super Junior’s Sorry Sorry, and I was really impressed by how attractive the members were, how fun and catchy the song was, and how well they could dance. From there, I fell in love with SHINee’s Ring Ding Dong, and after that, everything just cascaded, and I became a real fan. Now I watch almost everything that comes out and then buy the songs if I like them! (I may also secretly dance to them in my basement, but don’t tell anybody…)

This is my fiancé, Turkey, who does the one-liners.

What makes you like some songs/videos but hate others?
Since I am ultimately choosing to purchase the songs I hear based on the music, I care more about the song than the video. However, a great video can influence me to buy songs, and if it has a distinctive dance, I will probably like it (due to me secretly trying to emulate the Kpop dance moves in the basement). I like catchy, upbeat songs with great hooks—though I am willing to venture into any genre if the song is different and good enough. But what makes something catchy/different/good may be completely different for me than you.

Is bad English a deal-breaker for you in songs?
Even though I grade English because I find it funny, I generally don't care too much if it's butchered. I find it impressive that Kpop artists can speak English at all! I don't know any Korean—though I would like to learn.

This is our kitty, Caramel! She encourages me by purring when she likes a song.

Can we send you requests to do music videos you haven't reviewed yet?
Of course! Please click here to request a review. It helps me if you give me a link to the video on Youtube.

How else can we contact you?
Please always feel free to disagree with me and to tell me your opinions! I love reading different views on videos. I also like talking to people about Korean culture, so please subscribe and comment if you want to discuss a music video or something else. We're now on TwitterTumblr, and Facebook! You can also email me at kisskisskpopreviews@gmail.com.

Can we link to you/be affiliates with you?
Of course! I love and appreciate help with promotions! Here is our main icon:

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Thanks for reading!

—Liana (and her fiancé...and Caramel)

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