Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Ultimate Kpop Song?

Man, I am such a DJ Masa fangirl. All his stuff is just to die for. So the Ultimate Kpop Song is…pretty much what we would expect: full of easy English or just gibberish filler words? “Oh, baby [boy/girl], I wanna dance tonight?” To be fair, though, it seems like more and more native English songs are just like this. Or worse.

Happy April Fool’s Day! Bet you thought this would be a real review, huh? Ugh, I’m so sorry about the lack of updates recently, guys. I have a real job now, which: yay! monies! But unfortunately it’s eating my previously free time, and when I do have free time I’m kind of dead and just want to relax and drool over SHINee’s Sherlock promo pictures and read dirty fanfic. Still, I will update when I can, hopefully very soon. Thanks for your patience! *hugs you all*