Sunday, July 28, 2013

Mall Adventures: Psy again!

Further to this post from last time, I have again encountered Kpop merchandise while just out-and-about, minding my own business in a nondescript As-Seen-On-TV store in a Canadian mall.

Psy dancing doll figurine

Ah, Psy. We meet again.

Yes, Psy is back as a gyrating doll thing, dancing to the chorus of “Gangnam Style.” He even comes in three suits: black, blue, and green. Here is another angle:

Psy dancing doll figurine Kpop

And a shot of him, um, “dancing,” which basically consists of the little guy moving his hips around in a style more suited to Psy’s dance in “Gentleman” than in “Gangnam Style,” i.e. just using the Brown Eyed Girls’ amazing hip dance from their “Abracadabra.”

Psy dancing doll figurine

The doll figurine dances in a very similar manner to this one I found on Youtube, if you’re interested:

Er...not quite as fluid as the original Psy’s horse dance, I’m afraid!

Kpop is finding me no matter where in the world I am! And I’m loving it! :)

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