Monday, July 1, 2013

Grocery Store Adventures: Psy?!

Psy’s 2013 Super Bowl ad for...pistachios.

Presenting the above ad pretty much without comment because it’s very silly and also perhaps a little belittling. However, I wanted to give some context to my trip to a local grocery store in Canada back in February when I was confronted with this:

Psy pistachios grocery store display


Psy pistachios grocery store display

Yup, definitely Psy.

So, yeah, I’ll admit I was a little excited to see a full-size cardboard cutout of Psy in a grocery store. (And quite pleased to have a phone that takes decent pictures now!)

It seems Kpop really is slowly but surely making a dent in North America. (I also saw an awesome Kpop store in Chicago.)


  1. I am living in America and before Gangnam Style no one I knew heard of kpop. After Gangnam Style I had friends actually listening to kpop! :D

  2. That's wonderful! Basically the same thing has happened to me, and I'm very pleased. :)