Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Review: Piggy Dolls–“Hakuna Matata”

The Piggy Dolls have “no worries” in their new music video.

Did you like the song?
The Piggy Dolls are a pretty new group. I liked their other song, Know Her, and this one all right. I definitely like the upbeat style. But the songs are both too on-the-same-level for me, not enough musical changes to keep my interest.

What was your favorite part of the song?
The chorus: “hakuna matamata kunta, kunta, kunta.” That part gets stuck in my head.

Piggy Dolls

Minsun, Jiyeon, and Jieun

Does the English make you want to rip your eardrums out?
Except for the title, the group name, and the occasional “now,” “yeah,” “yes,” or (randomly) “oh my genie,” there isn’t any substantial English. (Although…“hakuna matata” is Swahili for “no problem,” so even that isn’t English.) That said, the phrase is “hakuna matata.” Remember the song from The Lion King? In this song, though, the girls are singing, “hakuna mata-mata kunta, kunta, kunta.” I have no idea what that means or why they changed it. Is this Kpop being culturally insensitive again? Are they trying to reference Kunta Kinte or something? On my first few listens, it took me forever to figure out where they sang the title, but now I know it’s because they deliberately changed it. Odd.

Did you like the video?
The video opens with a good 40 seconds of really heavy screamo metal rock. Then from there we go to a synth-heavy 80s-ish tune. What’s up with that? The stop-motion was pretty cool.

This video is pretty low budget. But that’s okay! It’s really sweet. You know what my favorite part of the video was? The girls are wearing—get this—normal girl clothes. They are doing normal girl things at normal girl places. And they even eat cupcakes. Yes. In a Kpop girls’ group music video, we see the girls seem like they are genuinely enjoying a picnic out with their friends. I can’t tell you how unusual that is, but I really love that the Piggy Dolls went there.

Piggy Dolls picnic

The spoils of the Piggy Dolls’ picnic.

Was there a storyline? If so, did it make sense?
Here is the storyline: the Piggy Dolls get a random guy to drive them to a place where they can picnic and run around with their balloons and blow bubbles and climb on stuff. It looks like fun.

However, in one respect the Piggy Dolls are not being good role models. Please, young and attractive girls, don’t hitchhike and climb into the back of some shifty-looking guy’s truck. It’s not a good idea.

Piggy Dolls

Is this a face you can trust?

I guess it’s okay. They have balloons. And a random acoustic guitar despite the fact that there is no acoustic guitar track in the song.

Was the dance cool and distinctive?
It’s okay. Some kind of arm-flippy thing, then they have a cute gear shift move, then they rub their hands together…nothing too distinctive, but I like it, especially the parts where they are all close together. (Here is a live version if you want to see the dance more fully.)

Do the members look good?
Yeah, they’re quite pretty, especially maknae Park Jieun. I think that Lee Jiyeon should get rid of her sunglasses, though. Or get a smaller pair? I guess she thinks they make her look mysterious, but I think they just make her look weird and vaguely standoffish.

Piggy Dolls Hakuna Matata

Jieun, Jiyeon, and Minsun

Still, my favorite member was…

Which member stood out the most?
Kim Minsun! Minsun with her constant bright smile really stole the show here.

Piggy Dolls Kim Minsun

Happy smile? Check. Balloons? Check. Okay, we’re ready to go.

Despite the fact that I don’t really like her hairstyle (it’s too boyish), she makes it look attractive. She also looks very comfortable in front of the camera, whereas Jieun occasionally looks awkward and Jiyeon seems to always be hiding behind those trademark sunglasses, which in my opinion don’t look good. Ditch the shades, Jiyeon! You’re fine without them.

Do you like it enough to buy the song?
I don’t think so. It’s cute, but not powerful or catchy enough.

Any ending thoughts?
The Piggy Dolls are cute, good singers whom I believe really have a chance at doing well. But it’s difficult for me to take them seriously with a name like that. Regardless of whether the members are overweight or healthy, their company shouldn’t have formed a group called that. It just makes me feel sorry for the members, even though they look happy and seem to be trying to make the best of it. But with a name that constantly refers to its members in such a derogatory way, it’s embarrassing for everyone.

Piggy Dolls pig

Who could live this down?

Boyfriend’s one-liner:
“I’d rather have the Piggy Dolls than the Pussycat Dolls. Also those cupcakes look delicious.”

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  1. Aw, you called the fabulousness himself Lee Hyuk some shifty-looking guy :( We are crying now. But honestly, I didn't get why he was there. Same agency maybe.

    I hate the group's name so much that I didn't even once mentioned them in the newbie watch part of my articles.

  2. Oh no, *facepalm* I knew I would mess up and not recognize a famous rock star. I'm sorry!

    I don't know what they can do with a name like that anymore. If they change it, will their current fans be confused? But if they don't change it, can anyone ever take them seriously? I'm not sure. They should do something, though.

  3.  ....waitwaitwait... That's Lee Hyuk?! Bloody hell, now I have to watch the MV! (He's one of the VERY few male idols I find attractive.)

  4. Apparently he has a big fanbase, and I still am not sure who he is...*facepalm*